The Christmas Market 2021

The long-awaited Christmas Market returns over three weekends in December 2021.

Stock up on a smörgåsbord of gourmet & artisanal delights from the Nordics, sourced from boutique and family-owned small businesses across Finland and Estonia, brought to us by Nordic Nature.

Get your fill of sweetness with a gorgeous assortment of delicious baked treats from Cupplets.

KooWERTY pens poems and stories on a vintage typewriter for you on the spot for free - all they need are 3 words from you. There will also be a vintage typewriter that you can use to type your own letter to Santa to bring home.

Booktique also presented a pop-up with a curated selection of books for gifting.

4-5 December
11-12 December
18-19 December 

Journey East

What to expect from Nordic Nature

Nordic Rainbow Trout and Red Caviar from Kalaneuvos (Finland)

All-natural sausages and cheese from Snellman (Finland)

Artisanal chocolates from Goodio (Finland)

Gourmet cheese from AndreFarm (Estonia) and Jukolan Juusto (Finland)

Craft beer from Malmgard Brewery (Finland) and RPS Brewing (Finland)

Artisanal vodkas and gins from Kalevala (Finland), Laplandia (Finland), and Distillirium (Estonia)

Award-winning wines from Ainoa Winery (Finland) and Nudist Winery (Estonia)

From Cupplets


KooWERTY is a pop-up impromptu poet who pens poems + stories on-demand. Give them 3 words and they create a personalised poem or story on a vintage typewriter on the spot.

There will be a Public Typewriter that invites all customers to type on. Customers will get to bring home their very own typed piece (a Letter to SANTA 🎅)!

Note: KooWERTY will be available at Journey East on 18-19 Dec only.


Booktique Where Writers Shop started in 2013 with book fairs before setting up two pop-up shops at The Cathay and CityLink Mall. The latter became its permanent location until it closed in June 2017.

Now, Booktique is back to its book fair days. Since the pandemic, it has begun selling books via their online catalogues and mailing them to customers. This year, Booktique experimented with a new lifestyle called Chio Books.

Note: Booktique was available at Journey East on 4-5 and 11-12 Dec only.