The Vintage Fair 2022

The long-anticipated Vintage Fair returns to Journey East for another year! For one weekend only, we host an unforgettable and unique pop-up shopping experience that celebrates all things Vintage!

Join us and browse the offerings of six curated partners, each with a differentiated collection. 

23/24 April
Saturday and Sunday
10am to 6pm
Journey East⁠


A Day Of Vintage

A Day of Vintage is an online vintage clothing shop managed by two close friends who have a big love for anything vintage, old and retro. They hand-pick and curate pieces from the 1960s to the 1990s, with styles ranging from Edwardian high-collar blouses to sweet cotton eyelet skirts and even the ever so youthful rockabilly mod dresses.

Their store is solely based online on Instagram @adayofvintage and this is their first time showcasing their lovingly prepared pieces in a pop-up booth. Come down to browse through some amazing vintage clothes or simply chat about vintage with them!

Black Bean Source
A passionate purveyor of all things vintage, Ken seeks to share his timeless collectibles with the discerning customer. Boasting an internationally sourced selection of vintage Seikos, antique suitcases, rare yo-yos and pocket knives, these pieces have been carefully curated and lovingly kept, ready for the next owner's enjoyment. These, and a fine selection of curious and collectibles, make great conversation starters, interior decoration centerpieces, or treasured heirlooms for the tastemaker with an eye for unique keepsakes. 


Eelloo is passionate about collecting Vintage Etienne Aigner bags from all over the world, and loves to put them into the hands of someone who appreciates them. Their vintage Etienne Aigner Collection are authentic finds from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and more. Look out also for their collection of vintage watches, as well as micro mosaic pins. With an appreciation for classic materials, workmanship and details, Eelloo is also happy to share maintenance tips.

Enamel Inc.

For discerning collectors, don't miss out on original enamel plates from Enamel Inc! These are collected across China, and date back to the early 20th century.⁣ Enamel Inc's extensive collection illustrates the evolution of modern China's industrial design in the 20th century, and serves as visual record of modern Chinese history.

The Glass Council

From founder Catherine Lobley:

My day job is kids shoes, I love my day job, I own the brand... but everyone needs a hobby. This is mine, it's under the Poco Nido brand umbrella but gives me a little variety in my day, something I can do completely myself. Buying, photos, listing, packing, shipping. Its retail therapy and reverse retail therapy all in one. I love tracking down vintage pressed glass which I like, and think other people might like. Often there's pieces I don't want to part with, but that's the best part of it being's all preloved, so if it accidentally ends up on my table for a party surely that's ok? I think the passion for glass came from my 70s and 80s childhood, I remember fondly the pyrex tea cups and plates I used to eat and drink from when hanging out at Grandma's place, the pyrex dish my Mum used for every single jelly and the milk glass I used to covet at one of my friend's houses. I collected a few bits of my own over the years and when I realised I had too much thought it was time to share that with here's the Glass Council


KooWERTY is a street poet who works magic on vintage typewriters. Simply provide three words as a prompt, and receive a free typewritten poem on the spot for yourself or your loved ones. 

In the meantime, try your hands on the public typewriter, as part of the global Public Typewriter Project. Bring home your very own typewritten piece, or leave a message for the next typist. Words are priceless! 

Saturday: Impromptu poet
Sunday: Public typewriter project.



GODays is unfortunately no longer able to participate due to unforseen circumstances.