Gourmet Summer Harvest

2021's order was a sell-out success - thank you for your support. Let's look forward to the summer of 2022!


Over 2 Saturdays in July 2021, the fresh harvest of the European Summer was brought over to Journey East.

In a collaboration with Nordic Nature and Cupplets, our showroom became a collection point for Finnish Strawberries, Golden Chanterelles, as well as gourmet tarts using the Finnish Strawberries.

Strawberry Shortcake Tart
by Cupplets

This tart sits with a lightly soaked strawberry paste sponge cake on top of a thin spread of speculoos and fresh cut strawberries. Fluffy whipped cream infused with vanilla bean is nicely slathered on the top to create a beautiful nest for a donut-shaped butter crust at the centre.

Torched meringue, vanilla cream and milk-custard, together with more fresh strawberries are adorned around the crust base. Chopped pistachio brittle & dried red roses are sprinkle lavishly around the wreath for a nice crunch. For the finishing touch, a lightly grated dehydrated strawberry is added on the top. 

Strawberry Cheesecake Brûlée Tart
by Cupplets

Our cheesecake brulee is one of our most popular bite size desserts. For our special strawberry cheesecake brulee edition, we used a bigger tart base. We start by spreading a good layer of finely blended elderflower cookie crumbs and adding slices of strawberries to fill the area.

Our light and fluffy signature 3-cheese recipe consists of cream cheese, mascarpone and mozzarella that are well-mixed with fresh cream and chopped strawberries. For a rustic arrangement, we scooped 6-7 scoops of signature cheesecake mix to fill the tart base, and sprinkle sugar on the top to torch. Our cracked butter crust and halved strawberries are added in between spaces. To top it off, we grated lime zest and crushed pistachio.

Available only once a year: the bountiful fresh harvest of the Nordic summer, selectively handpicked from Finland and Estonia, and freshly airflown to Singapore.

Santa Berries - Premium Strawberries from Finland
by Nordic Nature

Grown under the Midnight Sun, Finnish strawberries bask in more than 20 hours of sunshine daily, and with the Nordic summer climate, result in fragrant berries yielding a very high concentration of natural sweetness. 

Finnish strawberries occur only once a year, and are "all-natural" - no pesticides, no preservatives - best consumed fresh within days of purchase.

Golden Chanterelles - Wild Forest Mushrooms from Estonia
by Nordic Nature

Handpicked in the pristine Nordic forests, our Golden Chanterelles are naturally organic and packed full with nutrients. They have a distinct earthy flavour with fruity notes and a light peppery profile. When cooked, they are luscious, velvety and buttery in taste.

An incredibly versatile mushroom, chanterelles are sought after by top chefs and gourmands alike; and great in Asian-style soups, pasta, risotto, or sautéed with butter and fresh herbs. When properly chilled and stored moisture-free at 2 to 4 degree celsius, they can be kept fresh for up to 14 days. They can also be frozen whole for longer shelf life.