Tala - Journey East

Elevating the humble light bulb to a design object.

The creators of beautiful, sustainable lighting
Tala is a team of designers, engineers and low-carbon pioneers, united by a belief that great design is the fastest way to a low-carbon planet.
Tala was founded in 2015 by Josh, Max and William. Three university friends who believed great design was the fastest way to a low-carbon planet. Since then, Tala has become one of the leading lights in design-led, sustainable lighting. A team of engineers, designers and low-carbon pioneers, proud to be creating lights that are gentle on the planet, make homes look great and make life feel brighter.

A seamless switch
 We believe that beautiful objects and efficient technology belong together. Our in-house research & development team and engineering lab combine the best of British design with superior componentry. We select methods and materials on their environmental impact, and remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

We are a B CorpTM

B CorpTM is more than a stamp of approval. It is an objective framework for us to build a profitable business that works for both people and the planet. It gives us the language and tools to share our story with the wider world. It raises the bar for us to reach and it helps us to articulate our journey towards becoming the world's definitive zero-carbon lighting brand. One light at a time.

Built to last

Today at Tala, we design and supply a wide variety of lighting products. From the functional to the decorative, our LED lights illuminate the interiors of residential homes, offices, designer studios, stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Our full range can be found at some of the finest showrooms and boutiques around the world. And with the team with passionate people in global cities that include London and New York, the future is bright.