District Eight - Journey East

District Eight is a furniture brand established in 2010 in Thành Phô Hô Chí Minh, Viêt Nam. The name refers to one of the city’s 24 Districts, in the heart of which they set up their first factory and office. District Eight designs and build insightful products that tell a story unique to Viêt Nam’s enchanting landscape, with a confident take on contemporary living and an understanding of modern elegance.

Every piece is perfected to precise standards by experienced craftsmen and traditional techniques. The unique contemporary furniture from District Eight brings back the pride of craftsmanship and hand-made skill to create timeless pieces that accentuate functionality and beauty.

Built to last, each piece from District Eight celebrates a combination of premium materials, contemporary design, and stunning craftsmanship.

Carefully crafted and delivered in high-quality standards, District Eight’s defining signature comes from a commitment to elevating workmanship, refining aesthetic, and reframing functionality. Rooted in the passion to build and ever-improve, they continually strive for techniques and solutions that transform authentic ideas and materials into furniture pieces of distinguished values and character.

From the drawing desk to the production line, District Eight seeks to honour the tradition of dedicated craftsmanship in Vietnam through every considered detail, which propels their products from domestic to Asian, European and American markets. Since 2010, their products have become synonymous with Viêt Nam’s creative energy, blending global insight with inspiring traditions.