This is TBL photographic prints

Size & Name: 110 x 80cm: Bahru - Shade


A photographic art showcase of Tan Boon Liat Building and Tiong Bahru

In 'This Is TBL', fresh and intriguing perspectives of TBL - Tan Boon Liat building and the Tiong Bahru Life - are captured in an exploration of angles, space, reflections, and light.

Photographic artist and Singapore's only global ambassador for Samyang Lens Dju-Lian Chng has a unique visual storytelling style that embraces a graceful simplicity that brings forth emotionally-fueled ideas.

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Frame: 2cm x 3.7cm black or white frame, clear glass, coreflute backing and strainer wood.

'The Primary Studio' watermark is not present on the actual print.

Once your order has been successfully processed, our sales team will be in touch with you to confirm frame colour and delivery address.

About the artist

Aged 13 at the time, Dju-lian found photography as he spent time with his father at his job in a prominent photographic film company.

Without ever looking back since then, his need for pushing himself and his work beyond itself remains unchanged as he curiously questions how and what could be different. He strives to see a constantly changing view of life, and to share it with others.

Honesty and sincerity are the key to how his work becomes art, never believing in painting a blue sky.. when honestly it's.. really grey, sometimes.

And with graceful simplicity and ideas fueled by emotions, Dju-lian would like to welcome you into his exploration of angles, space, reflections, and light.

Into his world of photos.

He is currently running The Primary Studio, his own commercial photography company specialising in commercial lifestyle and portraiture works. He is also Singapore’s only global ambassador for Samyang Lens.

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