The Printer's Devil Lockdown Lockup No. 17 by Naomi Kosaka Letterpress Print

Style: Unframed


Type that is set on the bed of a press and ‘locked in place’ is known as a ‘lockup’.
We are all in ‘Lockdown’ as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. ‘LOCKDOWN LOCKUPS’ are a series of collaborative letterpress prints inspired by and made during ‘Lockdown’ in London 2020.

All the work is made in isolation.
A future souvenir of this strange and uncertain time.

This is the 17th in a series of collaborations between the Printer’s Devil and invited creatives. This is Naomi Kosaka. Artist, Print Maker and my original Printer’s Devil. Naomi’s story of 2020 is one of philosophy and of love. During lockdown she became a mother for the first time and her perspective changed entirely.

Based in Tokyo, Naomi’s voice is humorous, thought provoking and honest. She would always encourage you to see things from another point of view. SOME THINGS CHANGE - SOME REMAIN THE SAME. A river is the same but different each day, as are we.

Limited edition of 19. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Edition Printed on Milkweed 118gsm.
Dimensions: 450mm x 635mm (SRA2).
Each print is hand-made in London.

Print will be shipped unframed in a kraft mailing tube. International shipping is possible.

Local delivery only. Lead time: 3-4 weeks.  
Includes: Black wooden frame, black spacer, clear glass, and coreflute backing.
Note: Due to the fine quality of the paper used, the print will need to be glued down to prevent warping, therefore it is permanent.

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