Tala Voronoi III LED bulb



The largest sculptural bulb ever made, the Voronoi III is an engineering feat and statement design piece in its own right.

Launched at London Design Week, lighting brand Tala embarked on its most ambitious launch to date with the unveiling of the world’s largest sculptural bulb - the Voronoi III.

The result of a year-long form-finding mission, the light’s distinguishing shape is derived from the unique Voronoi arrangements seen amongst forest canopies. Tala embarked on the design process by 3D-printing a series of Voronoi structures in resin and simulated the natural erosion process, smoothing down the sharp lines to arrive at subtle, organic shape that looks and feels like an object carved by nature.

The pièce de résistance, a custom-built LED filament, curves around a central column, mirroring the Fibonacci formations found in pine cones and ferns on the forest floor. The light is uniquely reflected and refracted within each bulb creating a sinuous, golden glow.

An evolution of the Voronoi I and the Voronoi II, the Voronoi III, which measures 40cm x 25cm, is the culmination of the cutting-edge Voronoi collection which champions biomimicry and effectuates Tala’s guiding promise of Conservation Through Beauty.

A design and engineering feat, the Voronoi III illustrates the intersection between the constraints of hand-blown glass and the capabilities of LED technology. Joe Armitage, Tala’s Design Director, elaborates: “LED technology has enabled us to challenge the form of the light bulb and push the boundaries of mouth-blown glass for the first time. The Voronoi III encapsulates the future of LED lighting and embodies the mission we are undertaking at Tala to create exquisite products that have a positive impact.”

Pendant not included. Display in clusters of three for the biggest impact.

120 - 240V
5 Watt
CRI > 95
Dimmable with trailing edge dimmers
210 Lumens
Mercury Free
Warm Tinted: 2200K
Switch Cycles: 20,000
Dimensions: 195 x 344mm
Average Lifespan: 15,000 hours

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