Retro Buffet with Fluted Doors

Length 150 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 100 cm
Materials Old solid Teak wood


The Retro Buffet with Fluted Doors exudes understated elegance, featuring clean lines and minimalist allure. Crafted from solid old Teak wood, its simple silhouette highlights the exquisite wood grain.

A blend of open shelves and concealed storage makes it a practical centerpiece for any living room, ideal for showcasing books, decorative items, or glassware.

The three fluted doors, adorned with intricate carvings, harmonize with the linear motif. Angular pencil legs, paired with compass-style brass handles, add a touch of retro charm to this timeless, handmade vintage piece by master craftsmen, dating back to the mid 20th century.

Dimensions: 150cm x 44cm x 100cm (LxDxH)
Circa 1950s - 1960s
Product code: JKT178-29

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