Pappelina Edit Runner Rug

Size: 60x85cm
Colour: Black/Charcoal/Granit Metallic


The Pappelina Edit Runner Rug is a modern take on the traditional Swedish rug. An interplay of a single solid colour and complementing strips brings texture and colour to a kitchen, corridor/hallway, bathroom, or entrance. 

Available in various sizes and Scandinavian pastel shades, the Pappelina Edit Runner Rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and made in Sweden.

Made of Swedish manufactured, certified phthalate free PVC ribbon, woven on traditional looms using wooden shuttles. Double folded hemmed edges with sewn on rubber label. Very practical and easy-to-care-for, hand or machine wash at low temperature 30°C/85F, no spin.

Measurements may vary ±4% due to the weaving process. Thickness 10 mm/0.4”.

Material 92% PVC and 8% polyester varp.


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