dBodhi Ladder - Painted

Color: Small Blue 35/55x152cm
Length 35/55cm
Depth 4cm
Height 152cm / 175cm
Materials Reclaimed Teak


The ideal addition to a shabby chic home, the dBodhi Ladder - Painted is a great home décor accessory to dress up a wall. Perfect also for the bedroom or bathroom to hang shawls, scarves, towels and loose article of clothing without creating a mess.

Crafted from the remnants of old teak buildings - smaller pieces of wood are collected and reclaimed to create the dBodhi Ladder - Painted, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

The dBodhi Ladder - Painted is available in three options:

Small, Blue - 35/55cm x 4cm x 152cm (LxDxH) - Code: SO190035
Medium, White - 35/55cm x 4cm x 175cm (LxDxH) - Code: SO190130
Medium, Blue - 35/55cm x 4cm x 175cm (LxDxH) -  Code: SO190131

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