dBodhi Knut Coffee Table (Pre-Order)

Size: 70cm Diameter (Pre-Order)
Length 70 cm / 100 cm
Depth 70 cm / 100 cm
Height 36 cm
Materials Reclaimed Teak, Abaca Weave


Pre-order now available 
Estimated shipment arrival: Mid-September 2024

Discover the extraordinary Knut Coffee Table by dBodhi: a versatile addition that transforms your living space.

With its remarkable adaptability, this stunning creation seamlessly transitions between being a stylish coffee table, a luxurious pouf, or a captivating decorative accent. Unleash its hidden potential by removing the top, unveiling a clever storage basket that effortlessly helps you declutter your surroundings.

Crafted with an unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness, the Knut Coffee Table showcases the harmonious blend of sustainable materials. Its sides boast the artistry of handwoven abaca fibers, while the removable top boasts the captivating beauty of reclaimed teak wood. Every inch of this extraordinary coffee table exudes an unrivaled charm, making it a true multifunctional centerpiece that enchants any room it graces.

Unlock the various possibilities of the dBodhi Knut Coffee Table, a fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

Dimensions: 70cm and 100cm diameter, 36cm height
Product code: CKN3745 (70cm) / CKN3752 (100cm)

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