dBodhi Stacking and Storage Boxes

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Item: Box - 3 shelf
$220 $275
Length 32cm to 103cm
Depth 32cm
Height 16cm to 35cm
Materials Reclaimed Teak, Iron


A loose, casual storage system by dBodhi comprised of stacking boxes, as well as box inserts.

Crafted out of reclaimed teak wood with iron trimmings, you can match it to any contemporary or industrial décor theme.

More information on individual components:

Stacking box with 3 open racks:
103cm x 32cm x 35cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 1000209

Stacking box with 2 open racks:
69cm x 32cm x 35cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 1000210

Box insert [L]:
32cm x 32cm x 32cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 1000211

Box insert [S]: )
32cm x 32cm x 16cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 1000212



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