Coffee Table With Curved Magazine Rack

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$976 $1,220
Width 120 cm
Depth 50 cm
Height 45 cm
Materials Old solid Teak wood


Blending traditional woodworking techniques with contemporary flair, our Coffee Table With Curved Magazine Rack is a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Crafted from solid aged teak, its elegant curves seamlessly merge with pronounced clean lines, creating an eye-catching design that exudes sophistication.

The Midcentury-inspired sculptural magazine holder at the end of the coffee table adds an artistic touch, its curves providing a stylish solution for organizing newspapers and magazines.

Perfect for the living room, this table complements your favorite sofa set, adding both practicality and visual appeal to your space.

Dimensions: 120cm x 50cm x 45cm (LxWxH)
Product code: 82000-0065
Handcrafted from solid old Teak wood

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Please note: 
This is a vintage-inspired piece, informed by Midcentury Modern designs and forms. The item is slowly hand-built using traditional techniques and tools, exclusively only using old Teak wood.  

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