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Featuring 30 inspiring people and places around the globe, The Kinfolk Garden offers an easy approach to bringing more nature into your life. 

Celebrating the idea of nature as nourishment, The Kinfolk Garden offers inspiration and guidance to anyone looking to live in harmony with plants and flowers.

The Kinfolk team visits beautiful gardens and green spaces around the world, and profiles dozens of gardeners, florists designers, botanists and others who are leading the way with the idea of bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out, in our homes and our communities.

Through conversations, stunning photography and practical guides to plant care, flower arranging and home gardening, The Kinfolk Garden is an invitation to engage with nature in every aspect of your life.


A gardener with a secret oasis on a Parisian rooftop. An artist making faux flowers to brighten Manhattan apartments. A family of ranchers rewilding the American outback.

The Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plant-filled homes around the world and introduces the inspiring people who coax them into bloom.Join the Kinfolk team as we visit friends old and new and learn the secrets to a good garden, and what good a garden can do for our self-care, creativity and communities.

Though many of the people we meet along the way champion the idea of following natural instincts rather than a set of prescriptive garden rules, there are practical tips throughout the book that offer advice on everything from growing your own produce to foraging for artful arrangements to simply keeping your houseplants alive a little longer.

The Kinfolk Garden is an invitation to engage with nature—to care for it, create with its beauty and cultivate new relationships around it—and offers inspiration and guidance to anyone looking to bring a little more greenery into their life.

  • Tips on houseplant care, including how to care for your plants in winter and what to do with them while on vacation.
  • Creative inspiration, featuring ideas for creating seasonal cut flower arrangements and bloomless bouquets.
  • Guides to growing, including how to grow produce without a garden and how to gift what you do grow.
  • Also: How to eat flowers, how to talk to plants, and the basics of houseplant care.


Abderrazak Benchaâbane
Alejandro Sticotti & Mercedes Hernáez
Anja Charbonneau
Ask Anker Aistrup & Mar Vicens
Camille Muller
Cécile Daladier
Fem Güçlütürk
Guillem Nadal
Julius Værnes Iversen
Luciano Giubbilei
Kamal Mouzawak
Marisa Competello
Maurice Harris
Monai Nailah McCullough
Ron Finley
Sourabh Gupta
Umberto Pasti

…and many more.

"Gardens are artworks that escape the control of their maker."
—Abderrazak Benchaâbane

Photography by Staffan Sundström, Rodrigo Carmuega, Alexander Wolfe, Zoltan Tombor and Sarah Blais.

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