Book: Supposing...



by Alastair Reid, illustrated by Bob Gill

When you’re a kid, there are lots of things you’re not supposed to do. But what if you didn’t really do any of those things, what if you just imagined them? Then it wouldn’t matter if your supposings were silly, impossible, or even a little naughty—because they’re all just in your head.

Alastair Reid’s book is a monument to the liberating power of unfettered thought. Here he reunites with a frequent collaborator, the famed illustrator and designer Bob Gill, to muse on the possibilities:

I read a book about how to change into animals and said a spell and changed myself into a cat and when I climbed on the book to change myself back I found I couldn’t read…

I had a twin brother but we never told anyone and only went to school half the time each…

a very beautiful lady fell in love with me and wanted me to marry her but I just yawned and said maybe…

A 1960 text from Reid is paired to all-new illustrations from Gill that realize one child’s beguiling hypotheses.... And so it goes, supposition after childlike supposition, against scribbly, mostly black-and-white drawings with just a few strategic touches of color.... As fascination with cause and effect is a classic phase of childhood, this book would seem to have a natural place in both bedrooms and classrooms...
— Kirkus Reviews

There’s an understated but fitting whimsy in Gill’s artwork.
—Publishers Weekly

Additional Book Information
Series: The New York Review Children’s Collection
ISBN: 9781590173695
Pages: 48
Publication Date: November 16, 2010

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