Book: Shared Living



Shared Living
Interior design for rented and shared spaces
Emily Hutchinson

Uncovering the potential of shared spaces.

Share houses traditionally get a bad rap but the reality of global housing markets has made sharing a longer-term solution for many.

Featuring 21 shared homes around the world that are getting it right, Shared Living uncovers the potential of shared spaces. Inspirational rather than aspirational, these homes are the work of creative thinkers who focus on savvy ways of decorating eclectically rather than with big-ticket items.

A weatherboard cottage in Sydney boasts a ready-made gallery with an enviable swapped-art collection; an apartment in Berlin exudes bohemian luxury through a combination of vintage finds and exotic curios; a Tokyo share house reveals a bedroom art installation; and a small London apartment merges bold colours with clusters of collectables to achieve domestic harmony.

Through each stage of shared living - from finding a place to merging style - this book offers practical advice and tips for DIY styling, such as how to upcycle furniture or scour flea markets for unique finds.

Includes: 5 Melbourne homes, 4 Sydney homes, 3 Berlin homes, 2 New York homes, 2 Los Angeles homes, 3 London homes and 2 Tokyo homes.

Book Details
Format: Paperback
Size: 24.0 x 18.5 cm
Extent: 176 pp
Illustrations: 160
Publication date: 4 July 2019
ISBN: 9781760760168

Contents List
INTRODUCTION • Less is more • A brotherly bond in Brooklyn • The Naughty Corner • Colourful collections • CREATING STYLE • Decorating a rental • Merging styles • Filling in the gaps • When Madonna and mid-century unite • A NYC loft brings five housemates together • A dreamy space for weary heads • Two set decorators bring work home • MAKING A SHARED LIFE SHINE • In the kitchen • In the living room • In the bedroom • In the bathroom • Outdoor living • From friends to housemates • Embracing retro roots • Defying the odds • The house of fun • Contents •ASK THE PROFESSIONALS • Ayano Uchimura and Satoko Shinohara • Jane Shirkes • Dabito • Two free spirits join forces • Dreaming in an LA studio • Sharing a retreat • Living slowly • Lights, camera, action • MAKING A STATEMENT • How to create a gallery wall • Plant parenting • Styling a shelf • Swept away by the waves • When entrepreneurs decorate • Art, feasts and friends in a weatherboard cottage • Two bros in Tokyo • ARTWORK CREDITS • PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS • ABOUT THE AUTHOR

About the Author
Emily Hutchinson has been writing about interior design for many years, and has a passion for encouraging decorating on a budget.

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