Book: Engineering For Cats



Engineering for Cats
Better the Life of Your Pet with 10 Cat-Approved Projects

Problem solving for cat people.

Sure, your cat cleans itself, uses a litter box, and is happy to pitch in by ridding your basement of the occasional unwanted rodent. But she is also a barely domesticated wild animal whose compulsions might include shredding upholstery, knocking over plants, and trying to dominate the “territory” you call home. How to accommodate your pet’s feral instincts while reducing these problem areas in your relationship? Through engineering! Conceived by aerospace engineer Mac Delaney, here are ten ingenious DIY projects that address the quirks of cat behavior head-on, with results that will help both your cat and you to live happily—together—ever after.

DIY projects include:
cat shelf
drinking fountain
cat cave
bunk beds
treat slot machine
cat door
litter box cabinet
cat wheel

Author: Mac Delaney

Review quotes:

"Buoyed with a fun, breezy tone, Delaney's practical guide gives cat owners everything they need to customize their favorite feline's environment."
— Publishers Weekly

"This book is clever, but it is also a totally usable guide to feline-friendly home props. If you’re planning on opening a kitty café—a trend on the rise!—you need to pick up a de-shedding brush and a copy of this book."
— Book Page


Animals & Pets
Home and Design
Farm & Agriculture

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Publication date
August 21, 2018


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