Art Deco Curved Partners' Desk

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Length 135 cm
Depth 80 cm
Height 76 cm
Materials Old Matured Teak Wood


A prestigious symbol from a bygone era, the Art Deco Curved Partners' Desk is a large desk that allows two users, one on end, to sit facing each other. The first Partners' Desks originated from the United Kingdom for high-ranking banking officials that needed to work in tandem, and have since been regarded as a prestigious piece of workspace furniture, often hand-made using valuable woods.

This Art Deco Curved Partners' Desk showcases the beauty of the matured Teak wood it is handcrafted from, with a special focus on signature Art Deco curves, yet retaining the minimalism of South East Asian Art Deco. The Art Deco Curved Partners' Desk bold statement for the workspace and home office that also has a space-saving edge to it.

Dimensions:135cm x 80cm x 76cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 82000-0004

Please note:
This is a vintage-inspired reproduction based on a bestselling design.

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