Seletti Peacock Lamp

Length 42cm
Width 25cm
Height 34cm
Materials Resin


Introducing the Seletti Peacock LED Lamp – a radiant fusion of art and illumination that adds a touch of whimsical elegance to any space, designed by the renowned artist and designer, Marcantonio.

This enchanting lamp draws inspiration from the majestic peacock, renowned for its vibrant plumage and captivating displays. The Peacock LED Lamp brings this natural wonder into your interior, creating a stunning visual centerpiece that truly dazzles.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lamp features a lifelike, regal peacock. Its intricate design captures the essence of the peacock's feathers, with delicate, hand-sculpted details that mimic the beauty of the bird's plumage.

But the true magic comes to life when you switch on the lamp. The Peacock LED Lamp emits a soft, warm glow that bathes your surroundings in a gentle and inviting light. Its energy-efficient LED bulbs ensure both a luminous ambiance and eco-conscious sensibility.

A work of art that transcends the ordinary to grace your living room, bedroom, or any other space, the Seletti Peacock LED Lamp adds a touch of grandeur and surreal beauty to your home. 

Dimensions: 100cm x 29cm x 69cm (LxWxH)
Materials: Resin
Lamp: Indoor use only Led bulb included E14 - 3W - 5V DC 180 Lumen 2200K | Input 230V - 50Hz
Cable: 2.5m
Designer: Marcantonio
Product code: 14672

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