Pappelina Mono Runner Rug

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Colour and Size: Misty Blue 85x160cm
$376.20 $418


Live large, in colour

A single decisive colour is all you need to dramatically improve a space. Mono is Pappelina's large-format rug that is ideal for living room spaces, corridors, kitchens, and entranceways. 

Its plastic is soft underfoot, and easy-to-clean, making it the ideal addition to the home.

All Pappelina Mono Rugs are made at their local weaving mill in Leksand, Dalarna. To the sound of wooden shuttles rushing forth and back – a well-coordinated interplay between loom, warp and weft – create the pattern of choice.

Each rug they make represents a piece of Swedish craftsmanship and thanks to great composition, high-quality materials and devoted craftsmen and -women, we bring you the durable, contemporary and colourful design that is Pappelina.

Every Pappelina rug is very practical and easy-to-care-for, with a welded ribbon for strength and durability. Each comes embossed with the Pappelina logo, at both edges.

Material: Phthalate-free PVC ribbon, polyester warp.

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