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The Floorish Ruang Rug is designed by illustrator, designer, and visual artist HAFI. 'Ruang' is translated as 'space', and portrays a mental snapshot scene of family feasting. Featuring a collage of familiar Asian motifs such as the teko cuci tangan or hand-washing teapot, it is inspired by sights, textures, and communal memories of traditional Singapore. 

The Ruang rug is part of Studio Hafi's Kenduri series for Floorish by Journey East. 

Dimensions: 160x230cm
Density: High density featuring 2 million points per square metre
Material: Machine-woven acrylic

Available in left and right

About the Kenduri series by Studio Hafi

Kenduri (Banquet) is inspired by the warmth of going to your grandparent’s house, known affectionately to designer Hafizah (Hafi) as “rumah nenek”. Kenduri combines elements that map memories of communal eating, home-cooked meals and conversations shared between an intergenerational family.

The only way to accommodate a huge family whenever Hafi turned up at rumah nenek was to move the furniture in the modest flat aside and get everyone to eat together, children and adults alike, comfortably on the floor. Nenek would serve her delicious lauk-pauk (dishes) on multiple plates spread out on the tikar (woven floor mats).

Hafi wants the rugs to tell her family’s story and represent the warmth of Malay hospitality. Most importantly, she wants them to hold the memories of the time she spent with her grandparents.

About Floorish by Journey East

Floorish, a new design concept by Journey East, weaves the vibrant perspectives of three Singapore design studios into Persian rugs.

Curated by Creative Director Rafiq Mohamad of branding and design agency Feral, Floorish reimagines the familiar sights, smells and tastes of Singapore through the nostalgic lens and thoughtful rigour of two homegrown design studios (Studio Hafi and Studio Ensemble), combined with the uplifting philosophical reflections of Studio Grain.

Product care tips

For indoor use only.

Vacuum regularly - please avoid vacuums with rotating brush, or use vacuum that has the capability to switch between rotating brush and suction.

Do not put hot items on the rug.

This rug is washable with cold water and regular detergent, however, professional cleaning is advised.

Dab off stains immediately with a paper towel. Should stubborn stains persists, rub the spot using a soft brush and a mix of cold water and detergent, and wipe dry with another paper towel.

Our rug comes rolled to you. Unroll the rug on a flat, hard surface. Don’t worry if the edges curl up, this will disappear naturally over time. If you wish, you may also place a heavy object on top of the rug to hasten the flattening process.

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