Vintage Industrial Armchairs + Coffee Table

Vintage-industrial armchairs

A timeless classic, this vintage-industrial armchair set draws from both Art Deco and classic industrial styling influences. An original set, circa 1920-1940, the teak armrests are in pristine condition.

We've reupholstered it with a daring and fun 2-tone faux-leather that works great with brass and neutral spaces. The seat height allows chairs to also be used with a dining table as casual dining chairs, or use it with the matching coffee table to create a stand-out vintage lounge set for your living room.

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Chair - 58cm x 52cm x 92cm (LxDxH), seat height 48.5cm - 4 pieces
Coffee table - 70cm x 50cm x 48cm (LxDxH)

Disclaimer: These items may already be sold out, as our vintage collection comprises of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. However, we do occasionally carry other vintage and retro pieces similar to this.

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