The original Swedish plastic rug crafted with traditional techniques - brighten up your home with with colours and bold patterns

Swedish plastic rugs that brighten up indoor and outdoor spaces.

Crafted with love and pride in Dalarna, the heart of Sweden, Pappelina brings a modern approach to the traditional Swedish rug, using brightly coloured plastic with traditonal weaving techniques.

Available in various colours with bold patterns, Pappelina rugs are the ideal home décor accessory to brighten up a living space.

Pappelina rugs are easy to clean, and even machine washable. The rugs are crafted from a durable, high-quality, non-toxic, soft plastic that is also non-slip.

Each rug is reversible so you have 2-colour tones in 1 rug, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The versatility and easy maintenance of the Pappelina rugs, coupled with its robust design and functionality, explains why Pappelina has grown to become a worldwide success.

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