d-Bodhi has garnered worldwide acclaim for innovative eco-friendly furniture, known for its timeless, classic designs with an industrial touch.

The beauty of eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture

Hand-crafted with traditional methods from surprising sources such as reclaimed teak wood, recycled license pipes and iron pipes, d-Bodhi's furniture pieces draws inspiration from various elements and transforms them into green talking pieces. At every step, d-Bodhi is rescuing and reclaiming wood that would otherwise be discarded.

Founded in 2007 by Dutch designer Raymond Davids, d-Bodhi products are now distributed in thirty countries across five continents. Whether it is a dining table, bookshelf, coffee table, bedroom dresser or bed frame, every home decor piece from d-Bodhi embodies a spirit of dynamic creativity, modern design, and sound environmental sustainability.

Proceeds from every purchase of a d-Bodhi product goes to a monthly donation to the Trees4Trees Foundation™ to help replant trees, educate annd empower local communities in Java, Indonesia.

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