Inumbra by Michele De Lucchi for District Eight
The District Eight Inumbra Collection is designed with a diverse lineup in mind whose structural elements are as easily assembled as seamlessly adjustable to varying needs and taste. With unexpected rhythm and compositions, Inumbra poses a refreshing expression that casts new light on a long-standing staple.

About the designer

Michele De Lucchiー an internationally renowned designer, architect and writerー has been one of the biggest names in architecture and Italian design scene since the 1970s. During the age of radical and experimental architecture, he was a prominent figure in movements like Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis where he contributed his creativity and inclination for experimentation to designs including furniture, lighting and metal objects.

Among his works for major Italian and European brands, his global-bestselling Tolomeo lamp produced by Artemide had earned him the Compasso d'Oro award in 1989 and in 2001 for Olivetti’s printer Artjet 10.

In his career, he developed numerous important architectural and hospitality projects in Italy and abroad including cultural, corporate, industrial and residential buildings such as the Triennale di Milano, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Cini Foundation in Venice, the Neues Museum in Berlin and the Gallerie d'ltalia in Milan.

At present, Michele De Lucchi is founder and member of AMDL CIRCLE, a creative multidisciplinary studio renowned for its humanistic architecture and design. Since 2018, AMDL CIRCLE focuses on Earth Stations, future sharing architectures that combine technological development with humanist principles.

"In District Eight, I recognise a design attitude that's very typically Italian towards high quality products - the result of a perpetual curiosity towards technical possibilities, a deeply rooted humanistic sensibility and a strong innovative undertone." - Michele De Lucchi

Design inspiration

The inspiration for Inumbra dated back to the historic era of Vietnam Empire in mid 20th-century where accessories, namely umbrella (commonly known as "Lọng" or "Tàn" or "Tán" in Vietnamese) and hat designs, played an important role in traditional royal ceremonies.

Meaning “In the shadow” in Latin, Inumbra’s design language is the result of Michele De Lucchi and District Eight’s contemporary take on interplay between materials and shapes.

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