Notes From Nature

On the 5th and 6th August 2023, Journey East became a base to rediscover the lush splendor of Nature, with a plant-based weekend shopping extravaganza.

We brought together some of Singapore's finest boutique businesses that offers ornamental plants and premium planting supplies, sustainable décor essentials, as well as wholesome beverages, delectable bites.

Concurrent events included engaging workshops, as well as a speakeasy whisky bar. 

Featuring (in alphabetical order):


Boutique craft spirits specialist Distilled returns to Journey East, this time on a whisky extravaganza featuring created with under-the-radar British and Scotch whisky specialists Wolfburn Distillery and Lost Distillery Company. Come on Saturday for an afternoon of cocktails, whisky on the rocks, or naturally neat if you prefer.

Little Botany

Little Botany started out as a hobbyist account on Instagram to showcase the owner’s private collection of ornamental plants. Over time, it successfully garnered a substantial following of users from all walks of life and nationalities. They champion urban gardening that works together with moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. They also believe in being socially inclusive and a positive change-maker for the community.

Nordic Nature

Catch Nordic Nature on Saturday afternoon, as part of their ongoing seasonal Finnish Strawberry special spanning July and August at Journey East. Grown under the Midnight Sun, Finnish strawberries boast a high concentration of natural sweetness, cultivated with over 20 hours of sunshine daily and nourished with the world's cleanest water and air. 

Plural Supply

Plural Supply specializes in natural, nontoxic products for our bodies and home. Guided by a curiosity about unique ingredients and sustainable creation, combined with a desire to reduce our environmental impact, led them to create a range of natural products that is considerate to the earth and kind to even the most sensitive skin type.

Soil Social

Soil Social produces Magic Compost, a premium organic compost crafted using locally-sourced materials. The Magic Compost helps make gardening easy, as it is packed with beneficial microbes that boost soil and plant health. Soil Social also offers the Magic Composter Kit, an easy and enjoyable home composting system designed for apartments in Singapore.

The 3 Keys

The 3 Keys is dedicated to introducing a wide array of plants for home decoration as well as plant styling. They apply the art of miniature greenery to fill our small living spaces with a myriad exotic plant selection ranging from mini bonsai whose height is no more than 10cm, to hardy plants and trees which requires minimal care, perfect for the urban dweller. Their other popular types of plants include those with lush foliage and the ever-artful Kokedama - plants wrapped in moss or string balls that are suspended in the air or placed on a vessel.

The Nutbaker

Founded by a Sport Dietitian, The Nutbaker prides itself on natural food made by hand, not machines. The Nutbaker is all about wholesome and delicious bakes that are also less sweet. Each product features different hand-selected ingredients (including nutritious nuts and seeds) with no preservatives or colorings - just real honest eats for you and your loved ones.

The Tender Gardener

The Tender Gardener is a source of gardening news, knowledge and inspiration. It was created with the aim of fostering a close bond between individuals and the natural world. Through videos, articles, social media posts and workshops, Olivia hopes to build confidence in aspiring gardeners towards starting their own gardening adventure!

Victreebel Carnivorous Plants

Victreebel Carnivorous Plants is a nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant) hobbyist who aims to provide affordable and easy nepenthes plants to plant growers who would like to add a little bit of carnivorous drama into their homes. Most of the nepenthes that they sell are seed grown, from seeds made from their own plants and flowers. These fascinating plants are not just unique to the plant kingdom, but they are unique to the nepenthes world itself as they created the crosses myself. You will not find their plants in your local plant nursery.

Workshops at Journey East:

Grow Herbs At Home by The Tender Gardener
Aug 5 (Sat)
2.00pm to 3.30pm

Have you thought of starting a mini herb garden at home? Why not kickstart your journey with a crash course on herb growing? 

Through this hands-on workshop, you will find out which herbs thrive in Singapore, learn how to grow your garden from stem cuttings, and some basic tips on caring for your herbs. Participants will leave with two potted herbs, notes and greater confidence growing edible herbs.

Kokedama Workshop by The 3 Keys
Aug 6 (Sun)
10.30am - 12.00pm
$49 / $94

Kokedama is a Japanese term that translates into moss ball. The moss ball replaces the use of pots as it is made of soil, covered with moss sheet , string or coconut fibre sheet.

Join us in this workshop to learn how to wrap the plant using string and transform it in multi-colour thread ball.

All materials will be provided and each participant will bring their own customized kokedama home after the workshop.

Magic Composting at Home with Food Waste by Soil Social
Aug 6 (Sun)
2pm to 4pm
$80 (includes a Magic Composter Kit)

Learn how to turn food waste at home into compost for plants - it's easy and free from pests and odour.⁠

Glass Garden Workshop by Littlebotany
Aug 5 (Sat)
12.00pm to 2.00pm
(Registration full)

Our Speakeasy is back!

Speakeasy: Distilled x Journey East
5 Aug (Sat)
1.00pm - 6.00pm

Distilled's pop-up Speakeasy bar on 5 August will be a whisky-themed celebration of 'the water of life', featuring premium distilleries Wolfburn and The Lost Distillery. Cocktails at a special price of just $15 each.