Nasser Nishaburi - Journey East

Designer carpet brand Nasser Nishaburi is all about bringing together Persian craft, values, and tradition with modern interpretations and perspectives.

Craft, tradition, design

Blending traditional Persian craft with modern design sensibilities, Nasser Nishaburi's collections range offer something for everyone.

Ranging from a preservation of one-of-a-kind traditional rugs, crafted out of time-treasured techniques, to modern-day reinterpretations of the Persian rug heritage through the eyes of international product designers that tell stories of where they are made, and how.

A socially-motivated company, Nasser Nishaburi is a brand that is focused on craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and affordable luxury.

With a family history in the carpet trade since 1750, founder Nasser Nishaburi seeks to inspire Interior Design professionals, collectors, and consumers to value ancestral weaving techniques and to create together living spaces with conversational pieces.

The Nasser Nishaburi brand is committed to creating a fair-trade craft production model that respects the artisanal process with an urban perspective, driven by the notion that every rug tells a story, and every piece of craft represents cultural wealth and a personal human dimension.

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