Lucie Kaas

We believe your home is yours and no one else’s. We believe that personality is the most essential element to building a base and place that is uniquely yours.

Lucie Kaas has an eye for understated design that draws its influence from multiple sources crossing fashion, music, art, pop culture and interiors. We collaborate selectively with designers, brands & celebrities whose identities fit our value set. We believe in the power of design to communicate, inform, and influence our decisions and want to create products that make you think.

Lucie Kaas was founded in 2010 by Esben & Ellora Rasmussen. With the duo’s different backgrounds, they believe that though physically located in Copenhagen, Lucie Kaas could be from anywhere in the world.

About the founders

Esben Gravlev Rasmussen

Esben is the Creative Director of Lucie Kaas. Though born and raised in Roskilde, Denmark, he doesn’t consider himself typically Danish as he has always been fascinated and resonated with cultures and trends from across the world.

Appreciation for the atypical mainstream has been a consistent theme for Esben. Though always having a creative soul, he is not a formally trained designer or artist. Following his senses is how Esben approaches the creative process in Lucie Kaas, whether it be the designs the brand creates, or the designers the brand chooses to work with.

“It’s an organic process for me, and I don’t work well with rules of how to design or to be creative, that for me is counterintuitive,”
- Esben Rasmussen

Ellora Rasmussen

Born and raised in Canada by immigrant parents from Bangladesh, Ellora moved to Denmark in 2005.

Ellora’s South-Asian upbringing together with her being raised in Canada’s multi-ethnic cultural environment has strongly formed her views of the world. For her, it is essential, that brands have a voice and use their platform for the better good.

For both Ellora and Esben, at the center of Lucie Kaas as a brand is the power of design to make room for personality, to communicate, inform, and influence.

“We’ve chosen to be as colorful as possible – we are a far cry from grey walls and minimalism. We are also colorful with our voice. We want to use our platform as a communication medium about the issues we care about. We believe in the importance of the social contract, and that brands have a responsibility to contribute and participate in the public debate”
- Ellora Rasmussen

Meet the Designers

Christian Troels 
(designer of the Fumario collection)

Christian Troels holds a master’s degree from Kolding School of Design in Denmark. In 2013, he established the studio, Christian Troels Product Design, where he develops a wide variety of products – from LEGO, to furniture, and lamps. In 2014, he won the award “Lamp of the Year” at the Danish Design Awards for his MUTATIO lamp designed for LE KLINT. Christian Troels masters both the conceptual and technical aspects of the design process. His work philosophy is guided by a playful approach when designing products that stand out in a crowd.

"My curiosity for learning new aspects about different materials and textures are the things I love as a designer. If I don’t create something, I become restless"
- Christian Troels

Becky Kemp
(designer of the Kokeshi Doll collection)

Becky Kemp is an English artist based in South London. From a young age, Becky has been illustrating her daily impulses in a sketchbook. Born into a creative family, Becky always knew that she wanted to create and design.

She studied Fine Art Paining for three years and also worked as an art teacher before deciding to concentrate full-time on her own work. In 2011, she opened – a creative studio from where she designed and sold all of her creations. Since then, her designs have gained huge popularity worldwide and are now represented in more than 30 different countries.

Her work is inspired by a love for Nordic design and Japanese illustration. Becky has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a humoristic and creative impression - a key combination that has lead to her success and cult following.

“I was encouraged to create from an early age and I still believe in the idea that if you can’t find what you are looking for simply learn how to make it yourself.”
- Becky Kemp

Theodor Skjøde Knudsen
(designer of the Wooden Animals collection)

The Danish designer Theodor Skjøde Knudsen (1927-2007) had an uncanny talent for wooden handicrafts. Though exercised as a hobby in his spare time, the submission of his works to an exhibition at the Charlottenborg Art Museum in 1956 gave birth to a 20 year full time dedication to the art. Due to the growing demand for his products, he opened his own factory in 1960 in Skjern leading to collaborations with well-known Piet Hein as well as having his work requested by the Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Th. Skjøde Knudsen was a versatile artisan and his product range included anything from wooden animals to board games and wooden dishes – simplicity and quality being the key characteristics that describe his designs.

The factory closed in 1977, but his designs was brought to life again by Lucie Kaas in 2014 honoring Skjøde’s uncompromising approach to craftsmanship.