Vintage Pendulum Balance Toy - Lady Liberty



This toy features a cross-cultural dancer, dressed in a star-spangled dress paying homage to Americana, but striking a distinctly Javanese cultural dance pose. The Lady's torso also swivels as the pendulum toy swings. 

Popular in the 19th Century, balancing toys find their origins back to old China and India where they were carved out of wood, before becoming modernised in the West and finding form in metal, in particular, tin.

Considered an educational toy from as early as the 18th century, pendulum toys showcased a light swinging movement that is both soothing yet invoking of curiosity.

This series of toys was acquired from a toy-collecting Professor in Java, and come with a 'skyhook' style pendulum on a pedestal base.  

In very good condition. Two pieces available in stock. 

Approximate dimensions: 24cm x 11.5cm x 57cm (LxWxH)

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