Qeeboo Mexico Stool and Coffee Table

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Colour: Ivory
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Pop art meets dark humour

From design trailblazers Studio Job, Mexico fulfils both the function of a stool as well as a coffee table.

Its playful form brings to mind the iconic festival Día de Muertos, and the sides and back are adorned with pop-art styled symbols of Mexican culture such as hearts, snakes, swords and roses.

The Mexico stool and side table can be used both indoors and outdoors, being a functional and versatile statement piece for the living room, bedroom and balcony.

Here's Studio Job's re-telling of their inspiration behind Mexico:

Scary stuff, “Mexico!” is the name of a massive hit of a Singer called ‘Zangeres zonder naam’ (‘Singer with no name’). She was very well known in the Low Countries and used to live in the village of Stramproy, not far from where we lived. So, when I was a little boy I sometimes passed by her villa trying to get a glimpse. But her velvet curtains were always closed. Unfortunately, she died in the nineties.

Product dimensions: 38cm x 53cm x 45cm

Material: Moulded polyethelene

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