PLAYplay Gridlock Bookshelf

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Cube height and colour: Gridlock shelf TALL TANGERINE
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The Gridlock bookshelf is part of the PLAYplay furniture collection, designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai for Journey East, that has appeared in international design publications such as Elle Decor, Wallpaper and Dezeen.

Is this one form or two? A couple of tall handsome shelves have collided with brightly-coloured frames, and they now seem to be permanently joined at the hip.

The results of these happy ‘accidents’ are the Gridlock Bookshelves, storage solutions which allow you to highlight your prized possessions within the coloured portions.

Available in tall and short 'cube' variants. Crafted from a solid grade-A oak frame, with MDF with an oak finish.

Dimensions 80cm x 40cm x 180cm (LxDxH).

Tall cube - Tangerine, Light grey
Short cube - Pink, Light grey

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