Midcentury Dining Chairs



Solid wood, vintage vibrancy

Dining chairs that combine the strength and beauty of solid Teak, while celebrating the charm of Midcentury design, with a focus on minimalism, functionality, and symmetry. Each chair is generously wide, made for long comfortable dinner conversations in mind.

Paying homage to the gentle curves and simplistic lines popularised by Midcentury Danish designers Ib Kofod-Larsen and Peter Hvidt, these chairs are based on previous #journeyeastvintage dining chair, originally built by South East Asian artisans of a bygone era. Our restoration team has carefully recreated its legacy in the same traditional handmade method passed down the generations, exclusively using choice solid old Teak wood for its construction.

Each dining chair is sold separately. Dimensions per chair: 62cm x 60cm x 91cm.

**Please note: **
These chairs are vintage-inspired reproductions based off a bestselling #journeyeastvintage piece.

Product code: JKT167-50A to 50F

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