dBodhi Tuareg High Dresser (Pre-Order)

Size: 4 Doors (Pre-Order)
Length 178cm
Depth 40cm
Height 90cm
Materials Reclaimed Teak, Iron


Pre-order now available 
Estimated shipment arrival: Mid-September 2024

Embrace the allure of weathered beauty with the dBodhi Tuareg High Dresser, a stunning reclaimed wood sideboard that adds both functionality and handcrafted charm to your living room.

Inspired by the captivating hues of the Sahara desert, the Tuareg collection captures the essence of nature's diverse brown shades. Just like the enduring dunes and rock formations shaped over time, the Tuareg High Dresser showcases a solid exterior crafted from reclaimed mixed hardwood, beautifully weathered by the hands of Nature.

Celebrate the artistry and uniqueness of this statement piece, where each element bears the marks of nature's touch, making it a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your space. With its functional design and weathered beauty, the Tuareg High Dresser becomes the perfect embodiment of rustic elegance in your living room, bringing a touch of natural charm and enduring appeal to your home decor. 

Available in the following versions:

Dimensions: Length 178cm, depth 40cm, height 90cm
Code TU630052)

for all models.

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