dBodhi Barrel Hanging Lamp

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Colour & Size: Natural Large
$155 $310
Length 35 cm
Depth 35 cm
Height 43 / 54 cm
Materials Rattan


Due to its beautiful open structure, the Barrel lamp is a real statement maker. The pendant is made entirely by hand from high quality rattan, finished with a teak top. The Barrel hanging lamp provides a beautiful natural light source in the room and makes a true eyecatcher. No matter where you hang it.

Available in:
Natural: 35cm x 35cm x 54cm (LxWxH), product code LBR2045N
Charcoal35cm x 35cm x 54cm (LxWxH), product code LBR2045B

E27 light bulb not included.

Made with handwoven rattan

Sustainably harvested from natural forests in Indonesia, our certified high-quality rattan is very durable.

Although rattan might be easier to grow and harvest than timber, processing the material is equally labor-intensive. After the canes are cut, they need to be dried, cleaned, and the husk and thorns peeled off.

The rattan is then cut into the right size and sprayed with eco-friendly finishing. Our skilled crafters completely weave the rattan by hand, using various techniques, depending on the type of braid. An anti-bacterial treatment is applied with a kiln dry machine, to make the rattan better and longer lasting.

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