d-Bodhi Karma Pure Low Dresser 4 Doors

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$2,492 $3,560
Length 200 cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 75 cm
Materials Reclaimed Teak Wood, Iron


A marriage of woodworking and weaving, the beautiful low Karma Pure Dresser is handcrafted using various craftsmanship techniques. The long sideboard exists of reclaimed teak, has iron legs in matte messing finish, and doors of sustainable, handwoven reclaimed teak in natural colors. The gorgeous, textured double doors hide eight removable shelves, ensuring easy storage.

Dimensions: 200cm x 40cm x 75cm (LxWxH)
Product code: CN430055


  • Reclaimed teak with handwoven reclaimed teak in natural colors
  • Iron legs in special matte messing finish
  • 4 Doors with 8 inside shelves (removable)
  • Stylish, vintage chic look

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