Book: Peekaboo Cats



Peekaboo! Cute cats are watching you from unexpected places!

Cats are not friendly like dogs. They don’t come close to people when they don’t want to. They often hide somewhere and usually it is difficult find where they are. But after a little while, you might feel their piercing gaze from the shadows and realize that your cat is peeping out from a gap in the curtains.

If the cat notices you looking back, they’ll suddenly go back into hiding. Every cat owner has probably played hide-and-seek like this with their cats. This hundred-page book is full of pictures of cute cats hiding and staring at you from unexpected places: behind the wall, under the table, from the stairs and more. Peekaboo!! Why not rejuvenate yourself by playing hide-and-seek with the cats in this book?

Size: 150×150mm
Pages: 112 Pages (Full Color)
Binding: Softbound

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