Vinyl LP Record Rack 2 Drawers (Pre-Order)

Length 80 cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 80 cm
Materials Old Matured Teak Wood


Pre-order available - lead time 3-4 months*

A harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the Vinyl LP Record Rack with 2 Drawers is here to elevate your auditory journey with the art of refined retro living.

Seamlessly blending vintage elegance with contemporary storage solutions, this exceptional piece transcends the ordinary. Its design features a curved trapezoid frame, resting delicately upon slender, yet robust, pencil legs meticulously handcrafted using time-honored carpentry techniques from solid matured Teak wood. Every inch of this Midcentury-inspired storage solution exudes craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Effortlessly organize your cherished vinyl collection by placing your turntable on the spacious top rack, while the thoughtfully designed vertical shelving slots below snugly accommodate your curated LPs.

Additionally, a pair of conveniently placed drawers elegantly offer storage space for your miscellaneous small items, ensuring an immaculate and clutter-free environment.

Dimensions: 80cm x 40cm x 80cm (LxDxH)
Product code: 82000-0047

Please note:
This is a vintage-inspired reproduction based on a bestselling design.

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