Scandinavian Partner's Desk

Length 140cm
Depth 70cm
Height 76cm
Materials Old Matured Teak Wood


The Scandinavian Partners' Desk is a sleek and minimalist Midcentury-styled marvel, designed with the sole intention of enhancing a modern interior with vintage charm. 

Uniquely designed to accommodate two individuals working simultaneously, this desk becomes an intelligent addition for couples or families seeking productivity without compromise.

Its Nordic Midcentury aesthetic incorporates a thoughtfully crafted storage system with compartments and filing options. Adorned with elegant curved Danish-styled drawer handles, it embodies the perfect fusion of form and function, elevating your organizational capabilities.

The concept of the Partners' Desk has its origins in the banking industry, where two associates would sit and work in tandem. Traditionally crafted from premium woods, this modern interpretation pays homage to that rich heritage while embracing the demands of contemporary living.

Dimensions: 140cm x 70cm x 76cm (LxDxH).
Crafted from solid old Teak wood. 
Product code: 82000-0002

Please note:

This is a vintage-inspired reproduction based off a bestselling design.

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