d-Bodhi Solo Wall Boxes

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Title: Type A
$47.50 $95


A fun, modular wall-mounted shelving system, these reclaimed teak wall boxes by d-Bodhi come in 4 different shapes that you can mix-and-match, according to your décor theme.

Type A:
35cm x 15cm x 35cm (LxDxH)
Product code: SO 190152

Type B:
45cm x 15cm x 35cm (LxDxH)
Product code: SO 190153

Type C:
75cm x 15cm x 35cm (LxDxH)
Product code: SO 190154

Type D:
75cm x 15cm x 15cm (LxDxH)
Product code: SO 190155

Note: Screws are not included.

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