Tuareg Cabinet (2 drawers, 7 open racks)

Rustic beauty

d-Bodhi's new Tuareg Collection is inspired by the sober pallet of the Sahara desert. The name is taken from the nomadic Berber people that live in this North African region. The shades of brown that can be found in the sand dunes and rock formations of the world’s biggest desert are very similar to the weathered colours of the mix of reclaimed tropical wood used for this collection.

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A mixture of reclaimed tropical hardwoods (teak, acacia and mahogany) sourced from old Javanese houses in combination with a slick dark grey frame, is chosen for this collection. Raw planks of contrasting tones make for a playful effect. Typical for this collection are small wooden panels placed at the back of the racks to give an extra dimension to the furniture. By placing contrasting tones of brown directly next to each other the various sorts of wood become obvious. The coating is smooth and sophisticated. The dark granite colour gets a silk-looking glow when placed in the light.

Product code: TU610020

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