Squirrel Cage Bulb

Classic design, LED technology

The Squirrel Cage bulb is an iconic bulb recognised for its distinctive pear-shape, tinted finish and dimpled dome.

The design dates back to the early 20th Century, and remains hugely popular.

Best displayed exposed in a hanging pendant.

Bulb only, pendant fixtures not included

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The Tala 3W Squirrel Cage is a classic shape showcasing a truly unique filament technology. Featuring eight golden sapphire filaments enveloped by a traditional blown-glass form this bulb is the perfect choice when used in a series or alone. The fully dimmable, tinted glass unit is an all-round classic design and fits well exposed on a pendant or behind a glass shade.


  • Tinted
  • E27
    – 3W
    – CRI 95
    – 240 Lumens
    – 64mm x 140mm
    – Dimmable LED filament
    – Edison screw base cap
    – Reduce energy use by up to 90%

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