Silence Zilu rug

The Zilu collection aims to preserve and reenergize the production of a weaving technique on the verge of disappearance.

With a new design by Spanish designer Luis Eslava, Nasser Nishaburi rugs seek to rejuvenate a rare Persian artisanal technique that is known to only 40 weavers in the world.

Available in 2 colours:

Blue/white (reversible) - 240x167cm
Blue/red (reversible) - 245x164cm

More about the Zilu technique

Known as the "the most intellectually demanding of flatweaves", the Zilu technique produces a unique type of historic and traditional rug with similarities to Hasir mats, mankind's earliest known hand-woven item. For almost a thousand years, Zilu weaving has been produced along the perimeter of the Kavir desert.

The weaving techniques applied to create a Zilu are much more complex than the ones found in other kilims, and what adds to its difficulty is the fact that they are the only ones woven entirely by memory. Less than 1,000 looms remain for the Zilu technique, down from over 2,500 prior to 1979.

Nasser Nishaburi seeks to restore this ancient craft to its former splendour, and show the beauty of Zilu to the contemporary world, paving the way for new generations of craft master weavers. It is also ecologically efficient and it supports the weaving community fairly and directly.

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