Silence Azerbaijan Rug

A premium meeting point of traditional techniques and modern design

The Silence Azerbaijan is a luxuriously premium rug range that captures the heart of the Nasser Nishaburi brand, with a provoking design by Spanish designer Luis Eslava.

Every Silence Azerbaijan piece is a masterful and unique hand-knotted pile rug, whereby each stage of the product, from spinning the yarn to final finishing, is done by hand with labour-intensive artisanal techniques.

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Influenced by the techniques of Tabriz, the historic capital of West Azerbaijan province, where the Nishaburi family began weaving and exporting carpets in 1750.

Spanish designer Luis Eslava took inspiration from his visits to Tabriz, where he met men working in the carpet workshops and women weaving in their home.

He was taken by surprise by the quietness of the home, the calm in the villages and the profound silence in the workshops.

The omnipresent silence grasped his attention, the silence and the rhythmic and steady movement of the Azari weavers.

Sitting in simple crossed leg postures, an ephemeral dance right to left, left to right guided the dorsal spines whose hands were flying through the warp- the Azari weavers at ease, keeping themselves to their thoughts in a meditative attitude, concentrated on their execution of the design.

Crafted from handspun wool from Western Iran, the Silence Azerbaijan rug has a high density of 40,000 knots at 3.2kg per square metre, comprising of symmetric and double knots. Available in Blue, Red, White.

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