Rabbit Chair Velvet

Velvety and colourful

The iconic Rabbit Chair has got a new look: a soft velvet finish, in a variety of bold, fun colours.

The Rabbit Chair is created from the magic hat of key Italian design legend Stefano Giovannoni, best known for his fun, playful and iconic household objects. Perfect for a contemporary kid's playroom, but is also versatile enough to a fashionable statement in the living room.

Colours available:
Adult: Fuxia (68.8cm x 39.5cm x 80cm)
Baby: Red, Fuxia (45.3cm x 26.2cm x 52.7cm)

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The idea of the rabbit comes from the connection between its silhouette and the silhouette of a chair, where the rabbit’s ears become the setback of the chair. It has a double variation, for adults and for kids, and there is also a third version, illuminated, that can be a lamp.

Young and old can sit down and lean back against the rabbit’s ears, or sit front-facing, riding it and using the ears as an armrest.

The rabbit is a gentle animal, lovable and tender. In Western and Eastern culture it symbolizes love and fertility, it is a sweet and auspicious object that brings good fortune and good wishes.