Dropleaf Study Cabinet

Transitional Vintage Cabinet

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A unique Transitional piece that captures both Art Deco as well as Midcentury-Modern design influences, this vintage cabinet is a rare find that brings together two of our favourite vintage eras.

The hand-bevelled groove lines on its facade, as well as the rounded trims on the edges, are distinctive of Art Deco styled furniture. Contrasting this is its sleek and functional form with distinctive Scandinavian-influenced pencil legs from the Midcentury-Modern era.

A surprising Dropleaf table remains the key feature of this piece, transforming it into a workstation or living room bar counter. A multitude of functional storage compartments allows you to place everything from books and documents to photo frames and memorabilia.

This rare piece has been preserved in great condition all these many years, and remains 100% original, with original handles and panels.

Circa 1950s-1960s. Product code: JKT165-42.

Disclaimer: This piece may already be sold out, as our vintage collection comprises of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. However, we may carry other vintage storage units.

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