Distrikt Chaise Sofa

A luxurious sofa for the discerning

The Distrikt Chaise is a spacious 2.5 seater that brings together beautiful design and comfort.

The frame is constructed from solid oak with African padouk joinery as a feature, and the legs are constructed from steel with brass accents. The soft fabric seat and backrest provide a luxurious level of comfort, with a fill of composite duck feathers and down with fiber balls.

A side table is also integrated on one end, being a functional extension for beverages, books, magazines and decorative ornaments.

It's open-styled frame allows it to be incorporated into various types of interior spaces, ranging from spacious villas to contemporary industrial apartments and condos.

Available in Nehry fabric with Black Oak finish, and Nuance and Nehry fabrics with Smoked Oak finish. 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' refers to the orientation of the side table.

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