Bird pillow

A pillowcase for bird lovers

Even if you're having a fowl day owl by yourself, this pillow is guaranteed to quack you up. Its emu-sing bird motif from House Doctor Denmark's talonted designers ensures that design is not just a mynah consideration (don't worry - good design won't fly over your head!).

Comfy even in the most hawkward positions, this Bird Pillow will make it hard for you to budgie from the couch. For lovebirds, we'd recommend a pair for your nest, so toucan enjoy these coo pillows at the same time.

Great as a bird-day gift, the House Doctor Bird Pillow is sure to bring a pheasant surprise to your doved ones. For a poultry amount, you definitely won't egret this purchase - in fact, it might be the best you'feather bought (in our collo-quail opinion, it's so ducking awesome it should be made il-eagle!)

Caution: For the gull-ible, please beware of emu-tations.