Art Deco armchair and coffee table with carving

The apex of Asian Art Deco

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An original and elaborately carved set from the 1920s, this premium Art Deco set was likely a luxury commission work of art, owned by nobility or a wealthy household. It has been exquisitely well-preserved for close to a hundred years in amazing condition. The rich tradition of wood carving is centuries old in Java, with skills passed-on over generations of artisans, and beautifully showcased in this rare set.

The floral motifs exemplify the intricate and labour-intensive Motif Majapahit style of woodcarving, paralleling the popularity of Art Nouveau embellishments in similar-styled furniture pieces from Europe at the time.

The two richly carved surfaces of the coffee table feature intertwining branches and leaves, centred by the Lotus flower, a symbol of beauty, peace, and purity. The floral carvings continue to the impressive armrests of the two armchairs. The tubular frames of the set reference the Streamline Moderne work of popular Kem Weber designs.

We pay homage to the timeless and amazing work of the artisans from a bygone era, reupholstering the set in a stunning Batik fabric, contrasted with Italian tri-tone fabric and Camaro PU leather piping at the seams.

Handcrafted from solid Teak wood, circa 1920s-1930s.

The set comprises of:
2 armchairs (60cm x 68cm x 82cm)
1 coffee table (diam. 75cm, height 55cm)

Product code: JKT165-55CDE

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