District Eight

Refined industrial furniture, handmade to the highest design specifications with the finest materials

Drawing inspiration from the industrial age and the French Colonial period, District Eight combines influences from design and architecture.

The result is an eclectic line of industrial furnishings, focusing on capturing the form of authentic factory machine parts through the fusion of salvaged vintage materials and reclaimed wood.

Founded in 2010 by Australian designer Darren Chew, District Eight started as a project to preserve French IndoChinese buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, known as the 'Paris of The East', but soon expanded to a line of modern furnishing that blends reclaimed and salvaged materials with an industrial design sentiment.

District Eight's luxurious furniture is made with pure artistry in mind, incorporating unique industrial processes such as brass blazing for steel joinery and flame-searing on wood surfaces. Every piece is perfected to precise standards by experienced craftsmen and traditional techniques.

The unique contemporary furniture and lighting from District Eight brings back the pride of craftsmanship from a bygone era, to create timeless pieces that accentuate functionality and beauty.

Built to last a lifetime, each piece from District Eight celebrates a combination of raw materials, natural finishes, solid wood and dark iron.

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